What’s Your Next Move?

As most of us have been under restrictions in the confines of our homes and apartments for months – either alone or with others – we either have a new appreciation for our current living arrangements, or have come to realize exactly what changes are needed for this new normal environment.  Maybe small improvements will work, or thoughts of a larger move and relocation to a new town and community will be best for you.

Maybe you need to find a home or apartment with a room that can be adapted to a home office.  This has been the #1 request in a recent survey of buyers looking at this time.  With working remotely becoming an option for many in the workforce today, this changes what were priorities before Covid.  A move from the density of city living to the suburbs means a different emphasis on a home’s square footage and amenities, yard space, community features versus previous concerns with high-amenity condo living and big-city entertainment.
If you’re thinking of relocating here are some things to consider:
1 – Cost of living – compare housing, utility and healthcare costs to name a few.
2 – Transportation – is it a walkable community and how far to drive for shopping, schools and to airports.
3 – State and local taxes – compare and be aware of upcoming legislation and politics of change.
4 – Employment opportunities – note how dependent the community is on just one industry.  One factor determining the health of a community is defined by the viability of local businesses.
5 – Quality of schools and colleges.
6 – Entertainment – what is there to do for leisure time.
7 – Quality of air and water and if there is high-speed internet readily available.
8 – It may be a good idea to “try out” the new community first and see if it fits your needs.  Renting rather than buying at first will also let you experience which location works best for your lifestyle.
Contact us for details on our full menu of relocation services.  Our relocation-trained team helps ensure a smooth and profitable move.