Queens Residential Real Estate Market Update May 2019

Here is an update on May Real Estate numbers for Queens.  We will be going over some data and an overview for May versus this time last year.  Sales were down 6.3% and the number of homes going into contract were down 3%.  Median sales price for Queens was down 2.1% and that helps with sustainability.  We have been appreciating in the double digits for the last couple of years and those prices kept going up so we are becoming more level.  Inventory levels at this point in time are 6.3 months versus 4.8 months last year at this time.  Last year we had a shortage of homes for sale and a 6 month supply of inventory signals a more balanced market with an equal amount of homes for sales as buyers looking to buy.  Again, we are becoming more sustainable, the market has Shifted and the good news is that interest rates have gone down from close to 5% this time last year to 3.8%.  Buyers will become more aware that now is a good time to buy as there are more homes to choose from and really affordable interest rates.