Moving? You Deserve “5 Star, Top Bar” Service

Since most people move infrequently or for the first time, they don’t have a ready comparison with what would make for a great move – a “wow” experience.  It is usually a given that most buyers and sellers want to purchase or sell at the best possible price in the shortest period of time with the least amount of inconvenience.

Those unfamiliar with today’s real estate transaction, however, don’t realize how complex the process has become and what can go wrong.  When thing go wrong it can lead to delays in closing, additional costs and possibly a cancelled sale.

The important key to any real estate transaction is the agent you choose.  Many agents are transaction-oriented and do just the basics needed to complete the sale process.  Often they leave a myriad of details of moving to others and just want to be notified on a closing date.

Excellent agents used to delivering “top-bar” service act as a true project manager or quarterback of your move, working harder, better, and differently to ease the stress of moving.  Their goal is to ensure a smooth and profitable move for you and your family.  They skillfully manage all those in the process – attorneys, title closers, movers, mortgage representatives, home inspectors to name a few – and are proactive and preemptive at recognizing what could become a problem, providing timely solutions.

Agents with a mission to deliver top service to their buyers and sellers take the time to truly listen to your real estate goals.  They communicate with you throughout the process to keep you up-to-the-minute so you never need to wonder “what is going on?”

Top agents who really deliver a “wow” experience oversee your entire move from move out to move in, offering settling-in services even after the move itself.  Connecting new homeowners to local resources, organizations, and professionals helps them adapt more quickly to their new community.  These agents may go above and beyond – ie. overseeing a repair process, making introductions to the neighbors/welcoming party, help with utility connect/disconnect etc.

To find an agent able to work at this high level you would want to interview them on their track record of closed sales, service philosophy and percentage of business referred from satisfied buyers and sellers, noting testimonials.

So choose your agent wisely as you deserve a “5-star” real estate experience – top bar service provided to help you accomplish your goals free of stress and hassle common in the average real estate transaction.