As the news has been riveting and even shocking regarding the damage caused by the natural disasters occurring around the country, I know I have made little lists of what to have and do to prepare for similar circumstances.  One news piece mentioned five things to do to prepare for emergencies after doing the most important tasks of gathering safety and basic essentials (Fox Business News, Daniel Odess, President of Global Pro-Recovery, Coral Gables):

1) – Take photos and video of your property – no need to narrate.

2) – Collect insurance policy forms and call your insurance rep for the front declaration page which can give you all information you need to register a claim.

3) Be sure to have all local emergency contact information and numbers for your family, friends and neighbors.

4) Know the nearest Lowe’s, Home Depot or similar store with a big parking lot as this would be a likely location or staging ground for groups giving out supplies.

5) Prepare to be patient with the insurance process.

This list mentioned the importance of being in touch with your neighbors since what happens to their property can affect yours. Most important, they may need your help and you may need theirs.

September 28 is National Good Neighbor Day.  It might be a good time to knock on your neighbors’ doors, get to know each other and build a familiarity that could be helpful – even lifesaving should an emergency/disaster strike your neighborhood!